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The EVS abstract submission site is the only method used to submit your abstract. You will be prompted to enter your contact information and upload your abstracts.

You will need to create a login to the system. Follow the instructions as requested by the program and complete all submission steps. Please be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the submission form to save your work in progress. You will then be able to log back in and return to your saved submission.

Abstracts that do not adhere to the submission policy will not be confirmed as complete by the system. Only completed abstracts will be considered. The submission site will send you a confirmation email once your submission is complete. Notification of acceptance will be emailed approximately 2 weeks after the deadline.

This year, your abstracts can be identified by the following sub-categories:

  • New Technology or Innovation – study/reports that describe a new or innovative technology either not previously described or sufficiently uncommon or exceptional.
  • Administrative Database – studies that use an administrative database such as the VQI, NSQIP, Medicare, NIS, NRAD, or similar administrative database.
  • Case Presentation/Series – Studies with ≤5 patients.


Title Page
The title should be entered in Title Case and bolded. DO NOT use a period at the end of the title. Limit 99 Characters.
A Properly Formatted Title

Topic (Category) – Authors are required to select a category for their submission:
A – Open and Endovascular Aortic Repair
B – Basic Science
C – Carotid Artery Interventions
D – Peripheral Arterial Open Procedures
E – Peripheral Endovascular Procedures
F – Venous Disease
G – Vascular Lab
H – Dialysis Access
I – Other

Presentation Preference *

  • Oral Presentation
  • Video
  • Poster Only

New Technology or Innovation *
Does this study report on new technology or innovation?

  • Yes
  • No

Administrative Database *
Does this study utilize an Administrative Database (VQI, NSQIP, Medicare, NIS, NRAD, etc)?

  • Yes
  • No

Case Presentation/Series *
Is this a case presentation/series of ≤5 patients?

  • Yes
  • No


Your abstract body may have up to a maximum of 375 words (50 word minimum). One table or graphic may be used in your abstract, and counts for 25 words. For Case Presentations, a maximum of 2 images and/or figures may be used within your abstract. Please enter your Abstract text. If you will be uploading any Tables or Figures you must cite them within your Abstract text below. Do not include title or authors in this text.
IMPORTANT: No reference should be made in or on the abstract to the name of the authors or institutions. Failure to follow this guideline will result in the abstract being excluded from Review by the Program Committee.
(Word Maximum Limit is 375, Minimum Limit is 50)

Objective(s) *
A brief statement of the purpose of the study and the current state of research in the field.

Methods *
The methods of study or experimental approach clearly, but briefly, defined.

Results *
A summary of the results of the study, including sufficient details to support those conclusions. These may be presented in a brief table.

Conclusions *
A statement concerning the significance of the work and its possible implications for future research.

Graphics Upload

  • Supported formats are limited to: .doc .docx
  • Graphics should be submitted separately from the abstract text.
  • One table, image or figure may be used within your abstract, and counts for 25 words.
    • For Case Presentations, a maximum of 2 images and/or figures may be used within your abstract.

Graphics *
Do you have an image or table you will be uploading? This will reduce the number of words allowed in your abstract.

  • Yes, I will be uploading an image or table.
  • No


Abstracts accepted for oral presentation at the EVS 2024 Annual Meeting will be submitted for publication in the September 2024 issue of the Journal of Vascular Surgery. The author confirms that the results cited in the abstract are final and will not change once the manuscript is submitted for publication. These published abstracts are citable, and it is imperative that they are accurate and conclusions are final.

This certifies that the authors named on this abstract are familiar with the presented data, agree with the results as stated, and have specifically consented to be included as authors.

Material presented in the abstract should not have previously been presented or published and must not be under consideration for presentation or publication elsewhere.

Agreement *

I agree to the statements above.

  • Yes
  • No


It is the policy of the Eastern Vascular Surgical Society that either the primary author or one of the co-authors of each abstract be a member of the EVS.

  • The author entered in this space should be the primary author who will receive all correspondence relative to the presentation.
  • If you or any of the co-authors are not members of the Society, a member of the EVS must sponsor your abstract.

The EVS will send all correspondence to the primary author or member sponsor regarding the submission.

  • Yes, I or one of my co-authors are members of the EVS.
  • No author is a member of the EVS.

For each author, please click "[+] Create Author" below and complete the author's information.

  • Click v to collapse or expand an author's record.
  • Be certain to list ALL authors, including the presenter.
  • Authors will be published in the order below. To rearrange an author's order, click the Y icon and drag up or down.
  • Please identify one person only as the Primary Presenter for the submission.
  • Please use Proper Case. Do not use all uppercase or all lowercase letters. This information will be used for publication, so please be sure it is accurate. Author information is not pulled from uploaded files.

For each affiliation, please click "[+] Create Affiliation" below and complete the information.

  • Click N to collapse or expand an affiliation's record.
  • To rearrange an affiliation's order, click the Y icon and drag up or down.
  • For each affiliation, you must select the authors which belong to that affiliation.

ACCME Practice Gaps Requirements

Quality Gap *
What quality gap (limitation or problem) with the practice of vascular surgery does this research address?

Results *
In what way might the results of this project supplement or inform, our clinical or research knowledge or strategies?

Self-Assessment Questions
Because the ABS requires self-assessment to maintain your Board Certification and Maintenance of Certification (MOC), the EVS is developing a self-assessment exam for attendees at the September Annual Meeting. To meet this need you will need to create two (2) pertinent questions to test the attendee’s understanding of the main points of your presentation. One question needs to be CASE BASED. For each question please provide one (1) correct answer (which will be supported by your data and presentation) and three (3) incorrect answers. PLEASE NOTE: “All of the Above” responses are not permitted.


This is optional, but helpful to improving our processes.  Please provide the date you are filling out the feedback

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