What is the YVS Program?

The EVS Young Vascular Surgeon Program is dedicated to vascular surgeons in the first 0-5 years of practice. The mission of the YVS program is to foster and accelerate the learning and career development of EVS Candidate members within their first years of clinical practice. The EVS, in conjunction with the YVS program, will achieve this mission by advocating for mentorships, scholarships and creating engaging and interactive forums virtually and in person at the Annual EVS meeting. Our Annual Meeting is designed to focus and enhance the efforts of the EVS community in education, advocacy, quality practice, ethics, research, diversity/equity/inclusion, and member value, with specific focus and attention to the needs of members in the earlier stages of their careers.


EVS Candidate membership is available to Students, Fellows, Residents and Young Vascular Surgeons in the first 0-3 years of practice.  To become a candidate member just apply here.  or for more information just email Admin@EasternVascular.org

Candidate Member Benefits

  • Dedicated educational programming at the EVS Vascular Annual Meeting
    • Participation in EVS Abstract & Poster competition
    • Simulation Training
  • Discounts on educational opportunities and other society memberships
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Mentorship and Scholarship Programs
  • Access to the EVS Connect Community
  • Opportunity to participate in EVS committees 
  • EVS Job Fairs and Vascular Career Center
  • Mock Oral Exams

Webinar Sign Ups

2024 YVS Engagement Series Signup
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The YVS Engagement Series How to succeed as a young vascular surgeon - From student to trainee to attending

The Eastern Vascular Society is pleased to announce a web series for young surgeons: How to succeed as a young vascular surgeon: From student to trainee to attending. Each session will be focused on an area important to young and aspiring surgeons and consist of a mix of young and experienced surgeon panelists sharing their collective wisdom, followed by a time for question and answer.

Mentor Webinar April 2 at 6:30 pm est

Join us for our first webinar on Mentorship! We will have four talks by fellow EVS members:

  1. How to find a mentor: student perspective - Zachary Williams, SUNY Upstate
  2. How to be a good mentor - Yana Etkin, Northwell Health
  3. How to manage a troubled mentor/mentee relationship - Shivani Kumar, Tufts Medical Center
  4. EVS mentorship program overview - Babak Abai, Thomas Jefferson University

Sign up for the session ahead of time.

You will receive an email the morning of the webinar which will include a link to the zoom page. For questions or if you do not receive the email, contact Admin@EasternVascular.org