Endovascular Management of an Aorta-Caval Fistula in Penetrating Trauma (16 yoM)

Jaclyn Milici, MD | 2021 Annual Meeting

Endovascular Repair of Blunt Traumatic Innominate Artery Transection with Covered Stent Graft

Tru Dang, MD | 2021 Annual Meeting

Cold Hand: Palmar Arch Reconstruction

Shivam Kaushik, MD | 2021 Annual Meeting

Single Arterial Retrograde Access for Arteriovenous Access Declot in The Office-Based-Lab

Brandon Madris, MD | 2021 Annual Meeting

EVS Panel 4

Panel 4 | 2019 Annual Meeting

EVS Panel 2

Panel 2 | 2019 Annual Meeting

EVS Panel 1

Panel 1 | 2019 Annual Meeting

Is TCAR Best Under Local or General Anesthesia, Results from the SVS VQI TCAR Surveillance project

Devon T. Collins, MPH, CPH, CHES | 2019 Annual Meeting

Diagnosis of steal

Ellen Dillavou, MD | 2019 Annual Meeting

Venous insufficiency diagnosis

Karan Garg, MD | 2019 Annual Meeting