Young Vascular Surgeon Engagement Series | Session 2 – May 31, 2023
A virtual series from the EVS Young Surgeons committee featuring talks, question/ answer, and discussion from students, trainees, young attendings, and experts alike! 

Sessions Topics & Panelists: -Moderators: Nathan Liang, Melissa Meghpara
1. Progressing from student to resident researcher to PI – “How I got where I am today” – Caitlin Hicks MD MS, Johns Hopkins Medicine 2. Basic vs. clinical vs. translational research: what’s for me? – Areck Ucuzian MD PhD, University of Maryland 3. How to be a good research mentee – Katherine Reitz MD MS, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 4. Grant writing: The basics, and how to get started – Karen Woo MD PhD, UCLA 5. Clinical trials and investigational devices -Javairiah Fatima MD, Medstar Health